When should I start the Cruisebook process?

Normally, 4-6 months prior to deployment. This will give you time to secure a contract, meet with the representative, set crew portrait photo dates and receive computer training prior to deployment.

How long has Bluewater Publishing been publishing cruisebooks?

We have been in the cruisebook business since 1991. During that time we have worked with over 100 different ships. We currently work with approximately 20 ships and are doing books for all deployed carriers. We travel the world to make sure your cruisebook project is a success!

Do you have someone who can come out to the ship?

Yes, contact is at 800-323-0578 and we will arrange an appointment or complete the online bid request

Do you also do the layout if needed?

We can arrange to do the layout for you but keep in mind having someone on the ship really makes it a more personal book for the officers and crew.

How many books should I contract for?

The following is a good guide for pages and copies needed:

  • Crew size less that 350- 72-96 pages and 70% of the crew size.
  • Crew size 1000+ 200-232 pages and 70% of the crew size
  • Aircraft Carriers 496+ pages and 2500+ copies

Who does the crew portraits and does that affect the cost of the book?

Bluewater Publishing has on staff photographers that will photograph your entire crew at no additional cost. Your portraits are delivered on disk already sized and cropped for the book along with a spreadsheet for identification sorted by division, rank and last name.  The book price is not affected if you decide to do the portraits yourself.

If we end up buying more or less books will this affect the price?

The more books you buy the lower the per copy cost is.  We have price breaks every fifty books.  Your contract is flexible as to number of books ordered until the point of actual production.

Do you have an online ordering system?

Yes we can set up your book for online ordering

If I submit half the pages now and the other half when I get back will I get the books back faster?

Unfortunately that is not the case.  We will not start production of the book until we receive all the pages and cover.  We can send out proofs for those pages to help speed that process.

How much does shipping cost?

We will give a quote for shipping once the book goes into production.

What format do you need the pages in?

Our presses print from HIGH RES PDF files.  We can also work from 300dpi JPEG Photoshop files. Our representative will train your design staff on proper file submission formats.

How can we send the files to you?

We have an FTP area of this website that you can upload the pages through.  Please ask us for the user ID and password.  We also accept DVD’s as well.

When is the latest that I can change the number of copies or pages?

You can change the number of pages when you submit the pages.  The number of copies can change when you return the final proofs.

Can we order more books after the initial run of books?

You certainly can, but our minimum order is 100 and the plant has to set everything up all over again, so it is often cost prohibitive.